Day 14: 4 of 5 consecutive sea days.

Today was our 4th day at sea straight. We have slowed down to only 16 knots and the seas are beautiful. The sea is getting calmer each day- if that's even possible. I have never experienced such calm seas. The weather is gorgeous! It's hotter today. Everyday they tell us the high is 77 but today was definitely hotter than yesterday. There's not a cloud in the sky. Today we saw two boats which was weird and way too exciting. We also saw a bird. We think it hitched a ride with us or something. 
I started today at a refreshing 5:30am. I woke up wide awake, so I got dressed and met my dad for breakfast. I had a bowl of cereal and some fruit. It felt like I ate a whole lot more than that! I have completely lost my appetite. I'm never hungry and nothing ever even sounds good. So to say I'm sick of food is an understatement. It's disappointing too, 'cause the food is amazing. After breakfast my dad & I headed to get some chairs for the day. My mom was still down in her room and had my laptop held hostage so I told her to bring it up with her when she came up. It had been quite a while since she said she was coming so I went to call her to see what was going on. She told me she'd be up in less than 5 minutes. 
Twenty minutes later my mom joined us up by the pool. I didn't see my computer. She set her beach bag down on the table and I felt a thud. She opens her beach bag and pulls my computer out- it's not even in a case or anything. I was a little put off by that, as I treat my laptop like my child. I didn't say anything & decided to let it go. So she pulls out my computer and hands it to me. She continues to go through her bag like she's searching for something. The next thing that happened is so shocking and upsetting for me that I don't know that I can even safely type about it. It's only been 24 hours, but we'll give it a shot. Let me start by saying that my has got to be the smartest person I know. She is unbelievable. She's never studied a day in her life and yet she would ace every test she would take. She's real quick on her feet and really just brilliant. 
However. There are moments that she really makes me at a loss for words. This was one of those moments. After pulling my almost $2,000 laptop out of her beach bag where it was being banged around by her books, sunglasses & personal fan for her "private summer" moments, she pulls out, no joke, an OPEN container of milk. You know, the ones that you use to get in school- the cardboard type ones. The ones that don't seal shut, rather fold semi-closed. Yeah, that's the one. I nearly fell of the chair when I saw it. I was speechless. I am just dying to know where exactly her thoughts were when she thought it would be a good idea to carry an electronic, an expensive electronic that doesn't even belong to her, in her beach bag, with an open, flimsy carton of milk, walking up stairs on a moving ship!! Oh, to be in her mind for a day. I mean really. I digress.
After I calmed myself, I began to catch up on the two days of blogging I had fallen behind on while my lactose intolerant computer was being tortured by my mother. After that it was about time to head to the cooking demonstration. Today was a monkfish, tomato soup. We were met at "our table" by our favorite head waiter(dining room manager, we later found out), Daniel. He was holding our table for us. We've got connections. He told us how all the waiters were mocking the solemner (wine guy) because he paired a wine with our soup, which apparently in the wine world is never done. I don't know a thing about wine, so Daniel was explaining that no one ever pairs a wine with a soup. So at the moment that the solemner was doing his wine presentation Daniel was rolling his eyes, laughing & making faces at us. It was hysterical and it was even funnier because my mom & I were right in the front so the wine guy & waiters could see we were in on the mocking. Normally they do the wine presentation last, but the chef had him do it first. It was obvious he felt the same way about wine with soup. The soup was good. It was a cream soup, which I like, although I normally don't care for tomato soup. The recipe calls for a shot or two of an anise flavored liquor but on the recipe it just said a name brand of it, so no one knew what it was. The chef couldn't figure out how to explain it (he speaks very broken English) so he had the waiters start pouring shots of this stuff for everyone to taste. My mom knew what it was, 'cause she grew up drinking it every Sunday after dinner, just she knew it as something else. So she raised her hand and asked the chef if it was the same thing. He was all excited that she knew & said yes. He then said what you'd know it as if you were greek and the rest of the crowd did a collective "ooooh". My mom was so proud of herself. We still got to try it though. I passed, even though it was really watered down. I don't like black licorice and that's exactly what it tastes like. 
After that we headed back to our seats in the sun were we found my dad sweating to death saving our seats. He immediately headed into the pool, but my mom & I stayed at the seats and people watched for the rest of the afternoon. I still can't believe how long I sat perfectly content not doing a single thing- I didn't even read! It was nice... until... my mom and I watched in horror as a man sneezed just about every bodily fluid out of his mouth, nose, ears-  you name it. He looked like a geyser. It was without a doubt the most disgusting second of my life. I won't go into detail, but believe me- it was awful. It looked straight out of the movie alien. The man didn't have a tissue or anything and he was seated in one of our favorite cushioned chairs. Immediately my mom and I both began to count the chairs to figure out that it was chair number 5 from the start so that we knew never to sit in that infested chair. 
I headed back to my room early and watched another classic, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, as I got ready for dinner. Tonight's show was a magician that was very good... for a magician. I'm not impressed by magicians. All it is is slight of hand and good props & distractions. I'm not saying it's easy to do, but I'm not really impressed by them. He was really sarcastic though so it was a good time. After the show we headed to dinner where we had another hysterical night. I really can't do it justice on what goes on at dinner that's so funny. You really have to be there. Tonight, however, one of the waiters shared something with us that had us dying. A fellow waiter is a little feminine (that's an understatement). He is stationed at the section next to us and our waiter is known for stealing. He forgets to fill his water pitchers so he steals theirs. Well, tonight he heads over there to steal his water pitcher and the feminine one catches him. So our waiter scurries away over to us laughing. He then tells us what he calls guys like him. He said he calls them a "Shwee" because they're not sure what he is... a he... or a she... "shwee". It was funny, but how he explained it to us was priceless. You had to be there. So now we're practically crying we're laughing so hard and then the "shwee" now walks over. Now we have been on here quite some time but we had only seen him from a far, so we had really never noticed. Well, he comes over to us while we're still laughing at our waiter & begins to tell us how our waiter is known on the ship to all the 100s of waitstaff as "the little thief". He goes on and on about our waiter. I have never in my life talked to such a famine man and now add on top if it we're still trying not to laugh from our waiter's explanation. I have never tried to hold in my laugh as hard as I did at that moment. Needless to say we laughed through our entire dinner. 
After that I was way too tired to stay up so I headed to bed. I think my mom did too. I don't know. Tomorrow is our 5th sea day straight and then we go to St. Maarten. 
Talk to you guys later.

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im feeling as if my day is not complete w/o reading your blog. i'm really feeling a book in your future.