Day 9: 2nd Day at Sea

Our second day at sea and boy was it great! I woke up pretty early again. I took my time getting ready and then met my parents for breakfast around 9:30am. After our relaxed breakfast my dad was off to a lecture about Madeira, Portugal- our port of call tomorrow. My mom and I sat outside the adult only coffee cafe and talked... and then dozed off... and then talked. I went in the coffee cafe and ordered a cafe mocha with an extra flavoring of chocolate. For those who don't know- it's 1/3 coffee & chocolate & 2/3 steamed milk, then I added the extra chocolate flavoring and then they top it off with whipped cream & more chocolate. I got the large to share with my mom. Really I just wanted to try it and figured she'd drink most of it. I took one sip & nearly died. There was no taste of chocolate AT ALL. I added sugar... still terrible! How do you guys drink that stuff??? I can't imagine drinking it black! My mom tasted it and said it was the best cup of coffee she had ever had, while I sat in the chair next to her gaging. Sometimes I feel like I'm still 10 and this was one of those moments. I am almost 25 & I still don't drink coffee. I figure if I've made it this long, why bother starting- especially if it tastes like THAT.

After our terrible/wonderful cup of tar we headed to one of the clubs to see the first of many cooking demonstrations. The executive chef of Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom & Downtown DIsney is onboard just for these series. Today's was an appetizer. It was yellow fin tuna (rare) with a mixed salad & ginger dressing. I was really excited 'cause this was the perfect opportunity to try yellow fin tuna without wasting it or money. So he taught us how to make it and it was really quite simple since it's basically served raw. We each got a portion of the appetizer, a glass of wine and a print out of the recipe to take home. We were shocked that we enjoyed the tuna as much as we did. The thought of raw tuna is just gross to me but it was really good. Not fishy at all, like I expected it to be. I think the fish & chips I had in Ireland was more fishy.

Next all three of us headed to the theater where they were starting the first of many meets of Desperate Shipmates. It's basically like the board game or movie, Clue. It's like a mystery dinner show, but it's going to go on all cruise. Today's was for us to meet the characters & watch as the scientist and his invention went missing. We met all the possible culprits and now throughout the cruise we will be given clues throughout the ship & at meets like this one until we can figure out what happened to the scientist & his invention. The cast were real funny so it should be interesting.

After that, since DIsney owns ABC, they were screening the new tv show, No Ordinary Family. It's just like a real life Incredibles. A family who all have their own superpowers. You guys don't get to see it until next week, but they're treating us to it early. I had actually already seen the first episode from a research study I was a part of. After seeing it I knew my dad would love it. It has that actor, I think he was from the tv show, The Shield, Michael Chickless?? I have no idea how to spell it, but I think that's him. Anyway. So my dad headed there while my mom headed to the room for a nap & I went on my computer for a bit. (trying to get caught up on my posts.) We met up with my dad after the showing for lunch. He loved the new show, like I knew he would. We had a nice light lunch. After lunch my mom headed to see a movie, When in Rome, while my dad & I sat and watched the ocean go by. While we were sitting there we saw a pack... school... family... (whatever) of dolphins playing in the ocean. There were some jumping at least 3 feet out of the ocean. I was lucky enough to catch it on video, BUT you'll have to wait until I get to FL to see it, as Internet is hit & miss here. 

After we saw our little show by the dolphins we decided we'd head back and get ready for the show and dinner. Tonight's show was a family from Barcelona that danced, sang & played instruments. I was so glad we made it to our dancing show while we were in Barcelona 'cause this show tonight was disappointing. It didn't feel "Spanish" at all. The beginning half they were dressed in the outfits but danced to a track of classical music. When they finally started playing their own music and singing in the Spanish style we were over it. On top of that, their guys had to use a cane to help with the sound of the "stomping" where at our show it was just with his feet & it was incredibe. Basically, our show felt very raw & authentic, where this show felt very "It's a small word" touristy. Hope that made sense.

Next we headed to dinner, were we had another great meal with our great waiters. There was some sort of an adult show tonight but it was more of a scavenger hunt that just sounded awkward. I'm not they type to join in & act like an idiot- I'm more of the "sit in the background & watch" type. So I headed to bed.


mayo3dill said...

Yeah!!!! Back on board and able to read the blogs. (Don't know what was wrong before, but now your blogs are readable.) So glad you're having such a good experience! You've come a LONG way Lisa with your fear of traveling!!! Congratulations!! and look at all you've been able to experience!! Love ya!! (and thanks for letting us experience it with you!!)

mayo3dill said...

P.S. Look at the time......just suffering from a little insomnia!!!